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Float Glass Ltd provides highly efficient argon filled units.


The energy saving benefits afforded by the latest advances in double glazing window mean that triple glazing is rarely used in window replacement, except in severely cold climates.


However, window replacement by a triple glazing window can combine panes of low E glass, separated by warm edge thermal spacers and filled with argon gas for maximum energy efficiency.


Double glazing window energy efficiency is further increased by substituting dehydrated air with an inert gas, such as argon, within the unit. Argon has 34% lower thermal conductivity than air.


Although argon-filled units cost around 5% more than air-filled units, they can improve a double glazing window’s U value or energy rating by over 30%. Argon fillings should last the lifetime of a double glazing window and over a period of 25 years should not lose more than 5%.

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