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Fire-resistant and retardant glasses are laminated glasses consisting of Planibel float glass assembled with one or more intumescent interlayers.

In the event of fire, these layers expand, forming a protective screen.

There are two basic criteria governing a glasses fire resistance rating:

  • the flame retardant criterion (integrity, low radiation);
  • and the fire-retardant criterion (integrity, total isolation).


Product range:

  • Pyrobel - Pyrobelite: fire-resistant glasses assembled using two or more intumescent interlayers which expand in the event of fire. 
  • Pyropane: toughened flame-retardant glass.


  • Wired glass: glasses offering a basic level of fire resistance (may or may not be authorised depending on the country).


Fire-resistant glasses are classified according to their performance rating (duration of resistance to fire and type of insulation). The choice depends on criteria relating to applicable legislation and in line with the end use of the glass.

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