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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Does Float Glass conform to Malta’s building regulations?

A. YES, we are continually in contact with the regulatory services, not only in Malta but the EU. It is not only legal to comply but we strive to obtain the highest quality of work conforming to market regulations


Q. Does Float Glass give free estimates?

A. YES. We do not charge for estimates. We will even do onsite survey to measure for you. We always have one of our experts on hand to help with any question or help you may need.

Q What is the best option - toughened glass or laminated glass? What is the difference? I have a child - am I right in saying that toughened glass is more dangerous if smashed? Is one more secure than the other?

A. Both Toughened and Laminated glass are forms of "safety" glass. People often assume that toughened glass is some form of EXTRA STRONG glass - perhaps a little like "bullet proof glass". However in our opinion "break safely glass" would be a better description of toughened glass. When it does break it will break into very small sections. These small sections may, if you are unlucky, give you some scratches or minor cuts but will not pose the danger created by large glass shards when "normal" float glass breaks. Laminated glass will, when hit with force, "crack". However it is unlikely to smash. This is of course an advantage if security is a major consideration. Laminated glass is also "thicker" - usually starting at - and as such will offer better insulation.


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